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 Posted: 04-03-2015 07:02 pm
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As a comment, I just installed a new exhaust system into 18809 last week.

Prior to purchase, I spent the past 3 months researching various systems discussed on blogs and various other bits of information I could pick up on the web. Everyone tended to agree that the replacement systems offered today were noisy and ill fitting.

I generally tend to believe that the manufacturer's engineers know more then most, so I elected to purchase the original type 3 piece system. I found the front and rear boxes at Dave Bean (still in boxes date stamped 1991)and the middle box I received from Martin Robey.

Last Friday night I started the install after supper. After jacking up the body, not the frame, I slipped the pipes for the middle box over the axle, attached the rear box then attached the front box/pipe unit.

The complete install from rear to the headers took 1 hr.15 min. Although the system was more expensive then what Delta has to offer, it was certainly easy to install and I am looking forward to the quiet ride I recall when the JH was new.

I will be ordering the 2 piece header system that Martin Robey offers in the next week. Again, not cheap, but I can install it without removing the steering shaft.