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 Posted: 04-02-2015 12:57 am
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This information is great, thanks to all.  My JH is a 1974 five speed so I can only assume it has a "newer" water pump in it.  The water pump was also replaced very recently.  The last compression check done was a cold test and I believe all cylinders were around 120 or so.  I have a large folder filled with service information on this car back to the early 1990's.  Many major repairs were completed including clutch, suspension, Head R&R, new driveshaft, electronic ignition, exhaust and more.  I have no mention of any carb work though.  It runs well most of the time and the sputtering while running the RPM up through the gears occurs only once and a while.   I thought it  could be rust in the gas tank that is intermittently clogging the pick up screen in the tank.  My father, the previous owner, has told me that the filters seem to get quite dirty. It does seem to idle a bit rough, but not so rough as to stall.  I have worked on many carbs over the years but mainly U.S. makes such as simple Rochesters.  Is there a good way to test them on the car?  As far as the radiator is concerned, can a plugged radiator be cleaned or is a new radiator in my future if this is what it is.