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 Posted: 03-31-2015 06:48 am
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I just purchased this 1973 Moss Green Jensen Healey. I have no history on the car other than the most recent owner (past 10 years )from Rockford Illinois.

the reason I am trying to find the history of this car is it is the identical car to a car my Big Brother owned from 1975-1983 that he sold to we believe Jensen enthusiast in Madison Wisconsin. Problem is we cannot find any record of the VIN number!

I would really love any information the club may have on this vin! if this is the actual car my Brother owned it would truly be a reunited family member!

My brother was in the Jensen healey club but not sure if there is anyway to track the car by his name?? since we do not have the vin.

so any one with any idea how to track thanks.

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