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 Posted: 03-28-2015 04:04 pm
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I have taken off the head ( engine out )and looking into the cylinders there is a big clearence between the cylinder and the piston.
With the pistons in the middle of the bore i can actually move it from side to side ( inlet to exh) Using a dealer gauge shows me a clearance of 0,75 mm between the liner and the piston again with the piston in the middle of the stroke.
I insert the gauge from the top and guess that i can reach down to the top piston ring.
Is this the right way to measure the clearence between piston and liner?
Looking in the manual it looks like the clearance is supposed to be between 0.0965 to 0,1219 mm.

as previous I still measured compression of 190 psi whichh puzzles me , if the clearence is this big.

Any Ideas ( It all started with a lot of blue smoke under acceleration, - however the engine performed very well)