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 Posted: 03-27-2015 04:01 am
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Tom Bradley


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Hi Robb,

Welcome to the insane asylum. Sorry, I mean JH enthusiast society.

You are probably about to witness a big argument about the advantages of various types of oil, but a a first approximation, all 20W-50's are about the same and will work OK in your car. Any brand of correct weight oil will certainly be better than the most expensive oil of the wrong type. Lighter weights are not a good idea, even in relatively cool areas: this engine tends to run pretty hot.

The Stromberg carbs also require 20W-50 according to the manual. I am not sure it makes all that much difference, but the lighter weight oil could be causing your problem. In any case, using the same oil in both places certainly makes it easier. It is also possible that something like a vacuum leak or incorrect adjustment could be causing the problem.

Good luck, and again, welcome,