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 Posted: 03-25-2015 09:37 pm
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Steady on! Some of us European types of 1970s vintage could start taking offence :-)

But on a more serious note, while the 235/5 box had some design issues with weak synchromesh, remember that Getrag = BMW = German build quality, so we're not talking about 1970s British Leyland-style lack of reliability.

For me, gophering for parts is one of the particular pleasures of owning a classic car. I learn a lot in the process, make friends (via this and other forums) with other owners who are / have been in the same boat, and enjoy the successes which are so much more rewarding than for a modern car where you can find everything you need at the local auto parts store.

It was so much harder 25 years ago when I had my first Healey and there was no internet or owners' forums!

There will of course be incredibly frustrating times, when a supposedly simple task takes weeks, or you have to wait days for a part to arrive from the UK, and then weeks before you can find a mechanic worthy of the name who can actually fix things as opposed to merely swapping out components.

But it all pales into insignificance when you turn the key and hear that 907 rasp and induction roar...