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 Posted: 03-24-2015 06:52 am
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People don't like the Getrag a) because it has the dogleg 1st shift pattern, b) because it doesn't have a proper overdrive 5th, and c) because it's expensive and difficult to fix.

But I don't think anyone has serious doubts about its robustness, certainly relative to the Rootes box fitted to earlier Jensen Healeys.

If you can live with the dogleg shift pattern and 1:1 5th gear, I would suggest you buy the linkage upgrade kit from Pete Bahr ( and learn to love the Getrag! If it needs fixing, might be able to help.

I always liked the Getrag, apart from the 1:1 5th gear which made motorway driving unbearably noisy. I tried all sorts of ways of resolving this issue without changing the box, but in the end gave up. And when I discovered that the input shaft was damaged because if an incorrectly aligned clutch plate, I made the decision to install the Toyota W58 gearbox.

But I am keeping the Getrag just in case I have a change of heart!

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