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 Posted: 03-22-2015 09:51 pm
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I did a W58 in my JH5, the first time I drove it with the 3:45 axle I went hunting for a 3:73. Now that it's in the car it feels much better; 1st through 4th are fine for around town and 5th is much better on the Interstate. I did my swap with a bellhousing from LotusBits, I had the stock J-H flywheel redrilled for a Toyota Celica pressure plate. The spigot bearing was not compatible with the Toyota trans so I made a new one out of bronze Oilite. The clutch release mechanism uses the stock J-H clutch cable and a modified J-H release fork which allows use of a Celica release bearing. The shifter for the W58 was too far forward so I cut the stock shift extension in half and lengthened it, then cut the Toyota shift lever off and welded a J-H lever to the remaining stub. The shifter comes out in the center of the stock tunnel opening and doesn't interfere with anything.

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