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 Posted: 03-22-2015 10:36 pm
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Barthol wrote:
Found the error.
I ran the engine for a little while closed the throttle and just rolled to a stop in 2 gear,then immediately removed the inlet manifold. I found oil on the inlet valves in 2 cylinders.( a nice little amount)
I guess that the engine goes out again for a cylinder head job.

Is it possible to install oil sealings on the stems / guides?


This sounds to me like the valve stem to guide clearance is excessive, i.e. it needs new guides and possibly some valves. I would not recommend using valve stem seals, the 'bucket' tappet setup already restricts oil to the valve stems.

Also, is there any reason not to rebuild the head from the original engine? Have that head reworked then spend a Sunday afternoon swapping heads. Well, since you'll need to adjust the valves make that a Saturday and Sunday.

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