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 Posted: 03-22-2015 09:48 pm
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Barthol wrote:
If I pull the engine out again and need to install my old engine I need to sort an issue with the belt tightening wheel. The bolt is pulling a little to the left when I tighten the belt. The thread in the engine block is not so good.

I have a semi automatic tightener but I cannot find out how to mount it. It looks like I am missing a threaded hole in the engine. Is there anyone who have some photos / schematics showing how it is mounted. ?
It doesn't take long for a credible machine shop to rebuild the head (new valve guides... maybe new valves). You'll need to allow a week for new parts shipping, and the shop may have a job waiting list. The parts shipping time will probably fit into the waiting list time. If you pull the head, get it rebuilt, and put it back on, the engine will not be out of service long enough to justify re-installing the old engine. Don't bother. Just pick one path, and git 'er done.

Tim Engel

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