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 Posted: 03-20-2015 12:35 pm
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Hi Joachim,

Interesting reading.
On my old Bikes I have used something in between.
Running it through the gears, but gradually increasing RPMĀ“s being very carefull to not let the engine pull from to low revs and keep changing the load on the engine.
However never full throttle for the first 3-5 runs:-)

I have purchased a USB endoscope and attached a Photo of cylinder 2. I clearly shows a little oil on the rear left side of the piston.

Can this come from the piston rings / or from the valves?
Is there a chance it will stop when the Rings have bedded in.
Or should i take out the engine and physically check the rings.
I have not mounted the pistons myself.
Please consider that I have 190PSI compression pressure on all 4 cylinders:-)


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