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 Posted: 03-20-2015 07:07 am
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Hi Guys,

After installing my 2,2 renovated engine i really understand why people says that stroking the engine is the single best thing to do to increase performance, Torque is dramatically imroved.

My only problem is that it is smoking a lot during acceleration ( blue smoke)
I received the bottom end of the engine rebuild and the cylinderhead also rebuild but not mounted.

Looking down the cyl there was clear honing marks.( I do not know if the rings were changed)
Cylinderhead looked good with a few new valves ( indicates t me that someone have gone through the troubles and checked the Clarences in the valve guides etc)
There is no oil sealings on the valves,- is that even available for the 907 engine?

Compression on all 4 cylinders is 190 psi just by using the starter to crank the engine and with throttles fully open.
It starts , idles and runs very nicely , with only a little explosions from the exhaust on the overrun. Carbs are 45 dellortoes .

I have taken of the inlet manifold to check the inlet valves and the stems looks nice and dry.
Engine venting from the cranck housing is breathing ( it is connected to the airlifted box ) The vent from the valve cover is creating a little more vapor

Any Ideas on where to continue looking , I would hate to swap back the old 2.0 engina as the 2.2 is a real improvement in terms of performance.