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 Posted: 03-17-2015 09:26 pm
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Brett Gibson JH5 20497 wrote:
It's true the clutch fans came on JH5's & GT's and they work great in cooling the engine, that is until the clutch freeze's up, the fan shroud just came on the GT and use's a bigger radiator than a JH so that fan shroud won't work on a JH5, also the fan shroud Delta sell's only fits the smaller yellow fan and won't work on the larger JH5 fans. And just to make things even more complicated the JH clutch fan is about 1 1/2" smaller than a GT's.

I do think the clutch is a standard unit used on other cars but I have no experience with which one's, so if you do come across it please let us know, Thanks.

Also I'm pretty sure a yellow stationer fan will bolt up to the pump if you just want to swap it out.


Interesting. I was going to get the shroud in the club store, but not now.

Right now, my fan clutch works but as you pointed out it's only a matter of time until it seizes [it is British afterall].
I emailed Martin Robey and they said the part is NLA and hasn't been for years. DIdn't offer any interchange info either.
These cars are truly PITA when it comes to parts.