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 Posted: 02-25-2015 04:42 pm
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Hey everyone... as detailed in my "Project" thread, I have ordered and received a new brake master cylinder and a "slightly used" booster.  I was reading through the shop manual as to how to go about the removal of the booster, and the process there involves the disconnection of the throttle and clutch cables and removal of the pedal box.  Is that really necessary?

I assumed the Lotus position and peered up under the dash and, while it looks pretty tight, it sure looks like I can get at everything I need to under there.  I'm proposing to, from under the dash, remove the pin connecting the brake pedal to the booster clevis and then remove the 4 nuts holding the booster to the pedal box and remove it that way.  Is there a reason this wouldn't work, and how have you gone about the removal?