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 Posted: 02-21-2015 07:39 pm
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Hi Steven

LotusBits are doing the conversion, and I'm not sure what (if any) mods Mike intends for the bottom end. He hasn't mentioned any to me. The bottom end of my engine is not the original A74 - a PO replaced it with a late 1975 bottom end from a Lotus Elite. So hopefully it'll be strong enough.

But let's see what comes up when the actual rebuild starts next week. Maybe Mike will suggest some bottom end strengthening when the engine is stripped.

Today's pleasant "surprise" came when the engine and gearbox were pulled and split, revealing a completely disintegrated spigot bearing, a damaged input shaft, and only 4 properly tightened clutch plate screws. I suspect repairing the input shaft could get rather expensive, so just as well I'm having the W58 fitted!

Best wishes,