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 Posted: 02-16-2015 01:31 am
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It's original to the distributor. Often times forgotten to be put back on when the distributor is replaced.

Your choices for distributor stock distributor with points and condenser, stock with Pertronix module, new pertronix distributor or going electronic like Steve did. He's still around but it might take a few days before he checks in here. Let's see if he has updated instructions. If not, I'll look and see where the old instructions are.

Pretty much anything you want to know about the car has been discussed here before. You can try using the search function looking for information. You can spend hours reading the knowledge here. I know I have.

As for your other post about the car running poorly. Best thing to do is what you are doing. Go through everything and check it is in good condition. There's been a few threads on what to do with a new purchase. You're on the right track checking all parts of the electrical system. Then there's the timing and cam belt, carbs, brakes, etc.