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 Posted: 02-14-2015 03:28 am
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Hi.  I'm new. 
I took the distributor cap off my distributor and found oil....yuck.   Now I've been led to believe this is a problem that cannot be corrected.  But I will ask anyway, are there any vendors or specific persons that can make an oil tight distributor?  Is there a recommended conversion ? Addition of a seal? 
I have a friend, who has a friend that can make parts and machine items so I could have the necessary work done if need be.
Also, I read with great interest about SteveD's electronic conversion.  I would really like to do something like that. Is he still providing the instructions?  I don't expect it for free.  I think a Megajolt system would be appropriate for my sill level....but I've been wrong before.
Thanks for any help guys.   I really want to save this LBC and make it daily driver capable.