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 Posted: 02-14-2015 03:17 am
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Didn't know where else this would fit, so....  I got my JH started today. It ran very badly.  It has Dellorto 45Es that have allegedly been rebuilt [to be fair, the parts I inspected were clean], however, it would only run on the accelerator pump.  Stop pumping the pedal, engine dies.  I inspected the plugs and they were fouled, so that is a no brainer for replacement and I pulled the distributor cap.  I think I found the real problem.  The ignition is an MSD triggered by points.  But even that won't cut it when the points are covered in oil. HOPEFULLY, after I clean them I will have a better report.
Anybody think I'm on the right track?  I'm hesitant to blame carburetion when the ignition is questionable.
But I still have the Zeniths as an insurance policy.
If I'm in the wrong forum, please let me know....I'll move..