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 Posted: 02-09-2015 09:43 pm
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Gents: sorry for not responding sooner; John Tiesler ( has done quite a bit of work with a very close replacement:
the Tr7/8, TBS5514 or later, fit nicely with some wire bending and a wider resistance range on the nickel-chromium wire (you can not solder this wire directly, so if your old unit is broken at the tab as many are, unwind one loop to wrap around the post and use light heat to solder to the post, thus "trapping" it).
MOSS LOTORS carries them under part # 071-795
but again you will need to modify them slightly:
Here are some of John's notes to me:
A- the jensen is straight but TR7 part is bent. the way the part is positioned in the picture tells me that the bend is going up and forward when installed into full tank, this would be exceptable.
B- the jensen mounting plate is approx 2.5" the same as TR7 part.
C- the dimension of the sender from the plate is the same for both jensen and TR7 part
D- the dimension of the pickup tube is the same for both jensen and TR7 part before first bend of 90 degrees
E- full stop tab and empty tab same on both parts
F- pick up tube after 90 degree bend is 3.5 inch to end of pickup filter, ours is 6.0". would require splice to lengthen the tube 2.5" using a piece of rubber fuel line hose and clamps. ( should work)
G- the distance from the plate mounting to the center of the float is 7.5". appears to be same for both jensen and TR7 (before bending float rod).
should not be a problem if it is shorter.
H- this is the position of the float after bending at the mid point of float rod, straighten the float rod to put the float barrel it the same height as the end of the jensen full pickup filter. this would show the empty position for the sender.
J- this would be the travel distance from empty to full for the float barrel ( shown after bending ) of 9". the current tank is about 10" high so the full gauge reading would be similar.

DELTA sends rebuilt ones(you'll need to send them your old one for a core charge) that will be ready-to-go at a higher price, but it's your call and time.
best to everyone, bruce madden