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 Posted: 02-03-2015 09:29 pm
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We live in Germany and I have some difficulties in relation to several specifications and needed fluids.
I would like to make several Troubleshootings Prior starting the Project and there begins possible mistakes which I would like to prevent, under and with your experts help.
 Which engine oil do you use. I think it should be 20W50, but can you recommend a brand/make? Do I will need any additives.
Which gearbox oil do you use? Which spec? I have the 4 Speed gearbox installed. Please advise also suitable make.
Further, I would like to change the oil from the diff. Which one you recomend? Any spec and make/brand?
I have plenty gallons of D.O.T. 4 brake fluid, can I use it for the Healey or should I use D.O.T 3 brake fluid?
Last but not least, We just are able to use the 98 octane gasoline. Do I Need to use any additive in the tank for the fuel supply?
Many Thanks in advance,