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 Posted: 01-26-2015 03:00 pm
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Hi Tim

you were spot on or almost

Looking through the progression hole showed that barrel no 4 was half a hole ahead of the other cylinders.
twisted back the axel to align 4 to 3.
Cyl no 3 was the one where I had to open the Air bypass 6 full turns.

Balanced cyl 3 and 4 again and there was no need to open any by pass screws

Between 1 and 2 i had to open the air by pass 1 full turn.
It idles nicely now all the way down to 700 rpm , and the pick up is much better now

No spitting , but a little hessitation on a very fast opening of the throttle
( by the way the extra idle jets were 58,- now installed)

I used the parts I had to get as close to spec 9 which works for jim.

I guess I now have to wait for the spring to take it on the road to see how it reacts and drives. Proberly more tuning to do :-)

Thanks for the help.