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 Posted: 01-26-2015 04:54 am
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Hi Jim and Tim,

Thanks a lot. That is a lot of info and definitely something to work with.
Using the parts I have i have changed the jetting to get as close to JimĀ“s configuration as possible.
Next step will be brand new plugs.
Checking the twist of the axles through the progression holes.
looking for air leaks, I guess that stater spray can be used to spray around the manifold O-rings.
I have checked the gaps with a feeler gauge and they are ok.
Then try to balance them again first the individual carbs and then the two carbs to each other.
I am using two vacuum Manometers at tho moment, would it be better to use this carbTune tool ?

How am I supposed to tighten the Hex nuts if I cannot hold one end and tighten the other end. As the carbs are used , I do not know if this has happened, I haven't tighten them yet:-)

If they are twisted i,will try to twist them back( It sounds like an impossible job ) Next step is to exchange them .

I will keep you updated on the progress