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 Posted: 01-25-2015 11:02 am
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Hi Gordon

Nice to hear from you. Jason has some of the original corduroy material, but it's dark blue. Depending on whether I can find the correct fabric at Goldhawk Road in London (the place to find rare fabrics in the UK), I might ask Jason to bleach the dark blue fabric and re-dye it to the correct beige colour. Assuming this is possible with 40 year old fabric...

I think some of the early GTs were fitted with the downflow radiator from the 4-speed Healeys. Certainly the GT parts book refers to both the crossflow and downflow types. It does mean I have the conventional Healey fan, rather than the more troublesome viscous coupling fan, which is probably an advantage on the basis of simplicity alone.

Good idea re gusseting the spare wheel carrier where the tubes cross. This is exactly the place where the specimen I got from Jason had rotted.

Best wishes,