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 Posted: 01-25-2015 12:41 am
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Wow. This is exactly the type of step by step instructions I need. I would consider myself a novice mechanic at best. To answer a couple of your questions. I do not know if I have the petronix ignition. How can I tell?

Also, as for determining the static timing, I youtubed some videos and based off the relationship of the four marks on the pulley (as noted in the shop manual) and the grooved V pulley, I determined that at idle they lined up just shy of the fourth notch on the pulley (the one closest to me as I was standing on the passenger side, leaning over that fender), which would have been the 30 degree mark, no?

Of course that was when I was able to get it started. When you described what happens when the dizzy cap is popped off, that probably happened to me. I was having difficulty getting it started after a long layoff and a lot of rain, and someone suggested there might have been water that got into the cap, so I pulled it off to check, not knowing the repercussions.

I plan to take all of your advices and give this a shot on my next day off, and I'll report back how it went. One more question, the coil has wires connected to all of the terminals. When attaching the test light, do I pull something off, or just try to grab one of the nuts that holds the terminal? And do I want to put the clip on the positive side of the terminal and the negative to the frame? That would make sense, but in one of Mark's posts he mentioned hooking up to the negative side. I didn't understand that.