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 Posted: 01-24-2015 06:44 pm
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Dear Forum Users

After 8 months of ownership, expenses incurred on parts and labour well in excess of the original purchase price, countless trips to the local auto parts store, 100s of hours Googling how to resolve various technical mysteries, the achievement of under-dash body contortions I did not think were bio-mechanically possible, and the asking of innumerable naive questions posted here and on the JOC forum, I have finally achieved nirvana.

Yes, everything (and I mean everything) on my GT works. And it doesn't leak. OK, admittedly the PO had done all the hard mechanical and bodywork yards. My role was, by comparison, going through the punch list and remedying defects. But this is not to say it was not time-consuming.

The process has been frustrating at times, but I have learned a great deal. Enormous thanks are due to all of you who have provided invaluable help and advice over the JHPS Forum. I hope my more naive questions have not been too irritating and that, by sharing my experiences (and mistakes) I have given something back. I feel lucky to be part of the Jensen owners' community. It is great.

The question now is what to do next? Get out and enjoy the car is at the top of the list. I shall perhaps also perform some sort of rain dance / chant mantras to keep the Lucas Prince of Darkness away. Oh, and then there's the 2.2 litre conversion next month...

Photos and more details on works completed to follow...

Best wishes,