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 Posted: 01-24-2015 08:57 am
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Hi Forum,

I have just finished my 2.2 ltr engine and put it bask in the car.


Cams 104/107
Comp ratio 9,35:1 ( Meassured )
comp meassured to 150 psi on all 4 cylinders
ignition 10 deg before top

45 mm Dellortoes DHLA

Main jet 155 (132)
air corr jet 175 (220)
Main emulsion tube 7772.11 (7772.10)
Idlejet 50 ( 56)
Idlejet holder 7850.1
pumpjet 50 (35)
starter jet 70 ( 80)
starter jet emulsion tube 7482.1 ( 7482.3)
Chockes 36 mm

The Parts in brackets is extra availebe parts i have in an old 40 mm carbs

I fired up the engine with these parts, and it actually idled quite nice around 600-1000 rpm
i balanced the carbs by first adjusting the air screws to get highest vacum readings on each single cylinder .

Then I matched the two carbs by measuring the weakest barrel on both front and rear carb, by adjusting the screw on the connection link

At the end I balanced the two barrels on the single carbs by opening the airfield screw on the strongest barrel until it matched the weakest barrel.

I idles at 900 rpm but wit a little spitting from one barrel on the rear carb and on one beryl on the front carb
There will also be an occasional explosion in the exhaust.

If I twist the throttle fast it seems to hesitate.
if I twist the throttle less fast it picks up without problems.

I have not driven the car yet, and I expect the Orings between carbs and manifold to seal ( they are new )

My question is do I have the right jetting , or is it way off?
My mixture screws seems to have most influence from closed to 2 turns out

To match the single carb barrels i have to open the air correction screw on the stronger barrel 5-6 turns , and this only brings me close , not completely on the same level.