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 Posted: 01-19-2015 02:14 pm
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Sounds like the distributor has pop out of it's drive, there is one nut on a stud from the block that holds the dizzy clamp which holds the dizzy, the clamp around the dizzy has the square nut and when not setting the timing that should be snug enough not to let the dizzy move, from what you have written I would think your timing has moved and that's why you got the 29 degrees.

So put the crank timing mark on TDC and have the cam timing marks line up, (hopefully 110 to 110). pop the #1 spark plug (#1 is the cylinder closest to the radiator) and just make doubly sure the piston is at the top, look on your dizzy cap to see which spark plug wire is going to the #1 cyl. remove the cap and look to see if the rotor is point to that position. Probably isn't, take hold of the rotor and see if you can turn it, you should not be able to if you can the the dizzy has moved to far out and is not seated in it's drive gear, loosen the clamp with the rotor pointing to #1 push and wiggle the dizzy back in so it is seated once again the snug the clamp up a bit to hold it there.

Put it all back together start it up and set the timing around 12 making sure when you loosen the dizzy to turn it you also hold it in, as for the knurled nob that is for strictly fine tuning not course adjustments.

Hope this helps. Brett