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 Posted: 01-18-2015 09:54 pm
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I moved this topic from the carburetor section because, based on y'all's advice, I've been tackling ground and timing before moving into carburetors. 11609 sat for a month and was driving fine prior, but when I brought the car out of slumber, I had trouble starting it and when I did get her started, the accleration curve was very poor. A lot of spurts and stutters, and the harder I accelerate the harder she struggles, until she's wide open. At that point she responds "normally".

In any case, I've been checking grounds and I'm now able to get it started somewhat easily, though not as easily as I used to be. On your advice, I checked the static timing today and it's at about 29 degrees BTDC! I've been reading here that a 2.0l with Dellortos should be more like 12 degrees. So I'm now wondering two things.

1. I'm pretty sure the PO rotated the distributor to switch from Strombergs to Dellortos. What way should the distributor (or more importantly the knurled nut) be facing? My knurled nut faces almost straight down towards the ground.

2. If I have to make a large degree change in the static timing, like it would appear is the case here, is rotating the knurled nut enough? Or do I need to rotate the whole distributor cap? And is that how this distributor works? It would appear not, since it has the clips on the side. That said, what's my best option for getting from 29 degrees to 12? And any pointers for reaching and turning the knurled nut? It's tight quarters down there and hot, to boot.