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 Posted: 08-22-2005 05:35 pm
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I have had some problems getting my handbrake to hold on the lockheed self-adjusting drums.  I've follwed the shop manual's guidelines in "adjusting" the rear brakes: with the car off, pump the pedal 5-10 times after exhausting the brake booster.  So the shoes are in the proper position, and after bleeding the brakes, I have no problem stopping with the pedal.  But the handbrake won't do it at all.  I can make it slow the car down a tiny bit, but it won't keep her from rolling even on the shallowest driveway ramp. 

I even took apart the cable end at the left drum and tightened it down, again following the manual.  I can pull the hand lever and move the drum levers to their maximum travel, but the e-brake still won't hold the car.

What can I do to get my handbrake to work properly?