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 Posted: 01-03-2015 09:27 pm
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Hi Lash

Richard Calver should have all this information (

I recently acquired a copy of the "Service Production Record" for my GT. According to Keith Jackson at Martin Robey (, who has all the Jensen production records, these are the only records available for JHs and GTs (unlike the more comprehensive "build files" available for Interceptors). The Service Production Record is a single sheet recording the following:

1. Date of issue (presumably start of build date)
2. Chassis #
3. Model #
4. Bodywork colour
5. Interior trim colour
6. Extras/options
7. Engine #
8. Gearbox #
9. Axle #
10. Radio # (if fitted)
11. Key #s (very useful if the glovebox key is missing, as mine was when I bought the car)
12. Completion date

So on this basis, there could be such a thing as a "matching numbers" car.

Hope this helps.

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