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 Posted: 08-21-2005 08:47 pm
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Mark Rosenbaum

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While I haven't been keeping close track, seems to me a JH steel front bumper shows up on eBay every couple of months, and this may be your best bet.  Prices there seem generally lower for JH stuff than the Lotus equivalents.  And for consumables, and most items still in production, I've found JH parts to be far less costly.

The sort of 'helping each other out' that you mention also occurs, though probably not as often as with the Lotus groups.  I suspect this may be because (a) not too many folks have large supplies of spares, and (b) many JH parts just aren't worth the expense of shipping them.

As for the place in Vista,  I concur with your opinion about their prices.  But there are many other wrecking yards in the US that specialize in British cars that may sell for less, when they have what's wanted.  One of the UK sources has a lot of original tooling which may include the original bumper dies.  A bit of searching on the internet should give you a pretty decent idea of what's currently available, and at what price, and you can use this to assess prices on eBay.

Thanks for the info about how difficult it might be to come up with a custom dash or crash roll.  I'm disappointed that there's so much work involved, but not at all surprised.  And if there were a large customer base, then yes, a mould for fiberglass would be the way to go; but it's almost impossible to find even 20 owners all willing to buy the same expensive item at any one time.