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 Posted: 12-19-2014 02:42 am
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I've been trolling around the forums long enough I figured I had better start logging in progress to keep myself going on this project. I picked up 18767 a few months back - my first Jensen Healey - and have been going through it slowly. It had sat for so long that everything needed to be checked. The tank was leaking - though not at the sending unit. The body and chassis are actually quite good - just a few rotten portions of the rockers and the rear fenders but nothing major. Interior was well protected as it came with a snug fitting factory hardtop in great shape. Electrically it checked out, just a few loose ends and bad switches. Brake master and booster are shot. Suspension and steering are OK - will get to those sooner or later either way.

So that leaves the engine...uh oh. Initial compression check was not confidence inducing - 110-75-85-75. So out she had to come but I first went after the head to see if maybe it was just a blown gasket (ruptured across 3 cylinders!?!? yeah right). I pulled the head - luckily the header had been updated at some point to a two-piecer so that was a bit nicer than I've heard it can be. The head gasket was fine but the real problem seemed to be nearly as evident - 2,3, and 4 all had coolant sitting atop the pistons. That's not supposed to be there I think. I never got the car to actually fire and run (I didn't really try to) so I assume this is why it was parked for so long (and probably why I got such a deal on it). Mileage on the odometer is about 33000 but could be 133000 or who knows. I believe I am the third owner.

So the block is out and shedding parts for a rebuild. Will get everything to my machinist next week but would venture to guess he finds a cracked head or block or both. Not really sure what to expect - my first Lotus engine so its a learning thing. Any thoughts or ideas would be well received. So far I have plans on going with a Euro spec rebuild - can't afford the 2.2 crank set up just yet - but new cams, a retard delete dizzy, and Dellortos I figure are a good place to start.

Pictures to follow - I have them but I guess they're a bit large for the site to handle.