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 Posted: 12-17-2014 04:10 pm
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Rick Willard

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Thanks, Jim!

I think I'll take it to the local British shop for another review. When I took it to them the first time to try to diagnose this noise, the exhaust theory immediately came up. I loved the idea because I had an extra system available that was almost brand new. The owner of the shop I mentioned (super strong British background with 4+ decades of British experience) was scratching his head, too. Because the tone of the noise remained low/unchanged and that it sounded like "air pushing through a tube," the exhaust theory seemed plausible. We were surprised that the exhaust system switch had no effect.

By the way regarding the switch, they took the previous exhaust (a 90's era DMS system in excellent condition) and replaced it with the extra one I had that was virtually brand new (just 3K miles on it before my infamous car fire of my last JH in 2007). The biggest difference between those systems is the center resonator. On the newer version, the center resonator is a longer "tube-shaped" design. All the exhaust mounts were redone in first class fashion and the install looked great, but...on the first test drive...lo and behold...the noise was still there.

Anyway, Jim...thank you again for spending a few minutes of your schedule to provide input. I'll look for an opportunity to get the car up on a rack (mindful of the 2-post/4-post lift) and listen to the noise from underneath.