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 Posted: 12-17-2014 02:32 pm
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The noise I hear really sounds like a throaty air noise. The location you describe, driver's side rear engine/transmission is where the exhaust resonator is. I recall you changed the exhaust system. Does the new one have a decent resonator. I had to replace the one that came with a free flow system from DMS because it was inadequate. I resurrected an earlier version of their resonator from a parts car and it cured my noise problem. I admit I like quiet in my old age. On a friends car we had a local muffler shop fit an extra one in before the axle and that worked also.
If I am listening to the wrong noise I apologize and my suggestions are not correct.
I think getting the car on a lift will really help. One caution though. If the lift is like mine (2 post) and unweights the axles, the exhaust clearances change and you may miss a contact point problem. I've seen people put new exhaust systems on and when the car was lowered onto its suspension the clearance change resulted in exhaust system contact giving some strange noises. Good luck and keep us posted.