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 Posted: 12-17-2014 05:35 am
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Rick Willard

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Hi Tom and Jim and anyone following this post. Sorry if this ridiculous string has become a bit of a mess. And thanks to you guys and anyone else who has chimed in. If I explain something further that goes against your suggestions, please don't take it as a lack of gratitude for taking a few minutes to share an idea. I apprecaite it!

The heater core was interesting to me, because it is one of the only flaws with the car. The PO bypassed the heater core, due to a leak. I'll fix it soon, but in the meantime, I compared this box assembly to one I already had. They are virtually the same. I revved the engine and grabbed the core connections at the firewall...shaking it just a tiny bit...the noise didn't change at all. If THAT was the problem, the tone would have almost certainly changed a bit, and it didn't. I'll fix/replace this core soon, but...I don't expect the noise to change from that.

Jim, regarding the Dellorto K&N filter suggestion, this was interesting to me. However, if it WAS at the intake, I would almost certainly hear it pretty loudly when I'm listening crouched right over the engine. Believe it or not, the noise is louder when I'm sitting in the driver seat and the noise seems to be resonating from the transmission tunnel right next to me.

Speaking of that, the last time I drove the car, the noise was getting a tiny bit louder. I almost welcome that, so I can more easily figure it out. Tom, I agree that this needs a listen from below. I think I'm going to just get it warmed up, make sure the noise is there, and put it up on a lift to listen to this up close. While I don't know what it is, exactly, I feel pretty confident that it's coming from the back of the engine, tranny tunnel, clutch, or...something strange like that.

Thanks again to all who have shared some ideas here. Happy Holidays!