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 Posted: 12-08-2014 09:05 pm
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Rick Willard

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Hey Tom, Kim, Gordon, and Greg,

Thanks for the input, guys.

I had a chance to disconnect the vacuum going to the brake boost. The hose seems to be in very good condition and a disconnect at the brake boost combined with a little revving of the engine resulted in a good strong suction going through the hose (no blockage), and the engine continuing to make this noise once it's warm. Darn it....

Tom, on your oil filter idea, this noise was actually evident before AND after an oil change just 45 days ago. Plus, my oil filter is mounted remotely, away from the engine, up against the passenger side frame rail. So, I'm gonna probably have to eliminate that idea, but...a good one and thanks for mentioning it, as I never considered such a thing.

Perhaps Greg's theory of a faulty thrust bearing is gaining momentum? If so, maybe it'll be the excuse I need to go ahead and build my 2.2.

This week, the weather looks good, and I should be able to replicate the noise and capture it on a decent video for review. Thanks again to all for taking the time to share some ideas.



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