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 Posted: 12-02-2014 05:38 am
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I may go ahead and install the rear bumper closer to the body. The silver paint on both the front and rear bumpers looks great. If I can just get the rear stainless top cover restored I might go that way. I have put the front bumper back on the car and have new interior liner material purchased from Eastwood. I will post pictures in the next couple of days showing progress. Thanks to Terry Morgan and his 74 JH (Melba), I will be using his old dash from his parts car and have that recovered.

I will also show some pics of the seats that came with my car from one of the PO's. If anyone recognizes the type of car it came from, it would be appreciated.

The status of the engine rebuild is that we are assembling the head which was ported and upgraded at West Coast Racing Heads for the 2.2L - 10.5:1 compression heads. Will be using the old rods which are in great shape. We are in the process of coming up with the proper shim list and should have that complete in the next week or so.