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 Posted: 11-23-2014 07:02 am
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You will also need to find an appropriate +ve feed for the Pertronix unit. You can't use either +ve terminal on the coil because one terminal will be "downstream" of the resistor wire (and therefore only provide 8V to the Pertronix), and the other terminal will (as per my last post) be connected to the starter motor and so only provide current to the Pertronix during starting.

The best solution is to connect the Pertronix +ve feed "upstream" of the resistor wire ie between the resistor wire and the tach. This will mean some poking around behind the dash. The alternative is to connect the +ve Pertronix feed to an ignition live on the fusebox, on the +ve side of the fuses (so you have a non-fused +ve feed). The Pertronix installation guide should provide more detail on this point.

You should also increase the plug gap (above stock as per the workshop manual) after fitting the Pertronix. The stock plus gap depends on whether you have Dellorto or Stromberg carbs. My GT has Dellortos and the stock gap is 0.0023". I increased this by 0.004" on the recomendation of Accuspark. Pertronix may recommend a larger increase in the plug gap. Apparently a wider gap is recommended because points replacement units provide higher voltage to the plugs.