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 Posted: 11-22-2014 05:28 pm
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Tom and Joachim..thanks for the input. I've seen comments that the tach wont work after a electronic conversion and that it needs to get "converted" electronically to be functional again..whatever that means. Others say their tach works fine..any thoughts?

With regard to the resistance wire, I have 12V at the white wire coming from the tach where it attaches to the resistance wire under the dash. At the other end of the resistance wire (at the coil), there is only 8V. My worry would be bypassing the resistance wire would increase the current thru the tach and burn it up. If I bypass the resistance wire, do I buy a coil with a higher internal resistance (3 ohm?) to prevent this from happening?

Sorry if this is all rather basic..Im a newbie to this car.