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 Posted: 11-20-2014 08:13 am
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Here's a few VIN numbers, as a catchup.

#19377, which was a body from another unknown vin number car that I rebadged as 19377 because I had a rusted out car with that title and no title for the good body, is now dead and gone. Totaled in a wreck, stripped, and sent to the crusher. The motor from it (I don't know the block number but can get it if desired) is being used in another body with an illegible VIN as a dedicated race car. All I know about this second body is it had a California plate of 639KID and was in Cupertino, California.

#17749 is a rusted out parts car which will never be on the road again. It's too far gone but I'm keeping it for parts.

I still have several blocks sitting around, if anyone (Roger?) needs the numbers off those.