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 Posted: 11-20-2014 07:55 am
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I thought I'd start a thread on how and why we are now the proud and idiotic owners of a dedicated JH race car. For a quick story - a year ago this month, a friend totaled my red daily driver, #19377, which I"d done a complete bare metal restoration with a 2.2 motor. I loved that car. But when my friend (and yes, he still is one) hit both gas and brake and blew through a stop sign, there wasn't much salvageable on the car. #19377 is dead and gone to crusher heaven.

But we dumped the running gear, after some repair, into another fairly rusty body I had and voila, we have a race car. OK, OK, so it took 7 months of work to put it back together. We're on facebook at

but here's one pix as a teaser. We have our debut at a track day this coming Sunday, November 23rd, then a 15 hour LeMons race on December 6 and 7. Let's hope it holds together.

We've installed an EDIS with a Megajolt, a 2 quart Accusump, and we'll see how it holds together. I know it will be fast enough, power to weight, but I don't know if it will last. Anyway, we'll let you know how it goes after the December race at Sears Point in California. If you want, like us on facebook.

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