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 Posted: 11-16-2014 06:09 am
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OK, this is weird.  As detailed in my project post, Ms. J is off the road for the winter, and I have a problem that I want to address before she comes back out next spring.

On more than one occasion (most recently the day I put her in storage) after sitting for a few weeks of non-driving, I have no brakes.  The pedal just goes right to the floor.  No evidence of brake fluid on the garage floor, or inside the interior of the car.  The reservoir is almost empty.

Where is my fluid going?

Everything is mostly stock brakeswise, other than I believe that the PO had the master cylinder replaced with a TR6 unit.  I replaced front pads and rear shoes last winter and rebuilt both calipers at that time, along with new flexible stainless hoses both front and rear.

It's easy enough to put more fluid in and bleed the brakes out, but why am I having to do this two or three times a year?