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 Posted: 11-13-2014 12:11 pm
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Rick Willard

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Thanks again, Tom.

Did a quick huddle with the folks who have seen and heard this noise and we agree that it's not the mains. If it was, we would hear more of a rhythmical noise that would coincide with each combustion stroke as it loads the crankshaft. That doesn't fit this noise, so we'll eliminate that possiblity...for now.

Tom, you mentioned the airbox, and one of the descriptions of this wallowing noise is that it "sounds like air being pushed through a tube." This car has 45mm Dellortos with individual K&N filters for each carburetor (aftermarket). It also has a separate K&N filter for the separate tube running into the bell housing. We've run the engine with all these filters removed and it didn't change the noise. So.... Hmmmmm....???

The one thing that has been emphasized to me is that this is not a major thing. A couple of folks have said "sounds pretty normal to me for a JH..." We all agree that this noise is not not likely to lead to some catastrophic failure. However, having owned a few JH's before (with Strombergs and Dellortors) and never having this just bugs me.

Tom, thanks again to you (and everyone else) for your time. One way or another...we'll figure it out.