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 Posted: 11-10-2014 06:39 pm
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This is a very good question, Tom, and I'm sorry I didn't cover it with previous commentary. The noise is more obvious when there is NOT a load on the engine. In other words, as I'm slowing down, step on the clutch, and give the engine a slight rev in the RPM range I mentioned...that's when you REALLY hear this low wallowing noise. But even during acceleration, it's there. It's just not as prevalent with the engine/drivetrain building revs and speed. Again, the TONE stays the same, but the intensity changes with the engine speed.

One other bit of information. Last night I had the privilege of speaking with the owner who had the car from 1988 - 2012. He purchased the car with 32K documented miles in '88, did a meticulous cosmetic restoration, and only put 16K miles on it during his 24 years of ownership. He is CERTAIN that the odometer reading of 49K miles today is correct (owner from 2012-2014 only put 1,500 miles on it). He also confirmed that, while he replaced the head gasket once and did the oil pan gasket once...the engine has never been rebuilt.'s an awfully original example.

I'm certainly not dismissing the main bearing theory mentioned here (I am currently running Valvoline 20/50 synthetic with VVR). I just don't know for sure that it's the mains because I've had several folks with years of JH experience tell me that they just don't believe it's coming out of the engine at all. If it is a main bearing, I'm not too worried, as I have a 2.2 crank w/ bearings, oversized pistons, and bored out liners ready to go. This might be all the excuse I need to go forward with an upgrade. But honestly, I don't like just replacing parts to eliminate theories. I'd rather diagnose the problem with reasonable certainty, if I can.

Thanks again for chiming in here, guys.



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