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 Posted: 11-10-2014 06:15 pm
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Does the sound change depending on the load on the engine? The only experience I had with bad main bearings (not JH), the sound was louder under acceleration. What is puzzling is that it comes and goes. Maybe excessive end float? If the crank shifts too much one way or the other, then the noise starts?

It could be the clutch, since the housing and pressure plate are bolted to the flywheel and so are always turning with the engine. I don't know what in the clutch would cause this type of noise unless a rivet has come loose or something.

I would rule out the throwout or pilot bearings: I have had both of those go bad: they sound like a high-pitched whine. Unless maybe the pilot bearing is completely destroyed and the transmission shaft is shifting out of alignment with the crank. This does not seem likely, though, unless you have been hearing a high pitched whine when shifting for some time.

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