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 Posted: 11-08-2014 02:53 am
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Rick Willard

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Hey Guys,

For any of you watching this thread, I'm still open to suggestions. Here's what I know....

* Engine has been thoroughly checked and there is agreement that the problem is not any of the things mentioned above. It is NOT the cam belt tensioner bearings, the water pump, the oil sump, etc. The engine itself seems to run extremely well, has great compression, etc. We ran the car briefly without the fan belt to eliminate the water pump and/or alternator as the culprit. The noise was still there. Mechanic (with 40 years of classic British experience, including the JH) checked all parts of the motor thoroughly with mechanic's stethoscope, and he feels that the engine is strong with no apparent issues.

* The noise starts at about 1,500 RPM's and is especially evident up to...about 3,500-4,000 before the noise of the engine drowns out the noise (if it is there at all).

* The noise is intermittent. It is not evident when it is cold. Once the engine is warmed up, you begin to hear it. Sometimes, the noise is not there at all, even when warm. The car was driven 20+ miles this morning in city and highway, and the car was perfect (no noise). Tonight, came back from a 10-mile freeway cruise and the noise was obvious coming on and off the ramps.

* The noise has a very similar tone as you rev the engine. In other words, when it starts at 1,500, it has the same TONE (low wallowing sound) as it does at 3,000, with just a higher intensity. It seems to be coming from the back of the engine toward the rear of the car. This might lead us to the clutch, throwout bearing, pilot, etc, BUT...the noise is the exact same whether or not the clutch is engaged and the (4-speed) tranny seems to shift pretty smoothly.

Any/all input is welcome. Thanks, everyone!