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 Posted: 11-03-2014 01:10 am
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Tom Bradley


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The electrical problem you are describing sounds more like one or more bad connections rather than the alternator itself. My experience with these alternators is that they either work 100% or not at all. But on both of the rebuilds of these cars I have done, I spent much time repairing or replacing electrical connectors throughout. Spade ends, like on the alternator, can usually be cleaned up with steel wool. If the connection is loose, the female ends on the wires can sometimes be tightened up with a pair of pliers. But most of the time I ended up cutting these off and replacing them. Many of the strands going into these connectors also get broken over time, so only a few strands are left to conduct the power. Also check the connections in the fuse box. In my current car, these were in seriously bad shape when I got it. Also check the ground connection between the engine and the body of the car. This can also get pretty bad, especially on the body end, but if the starter is cranking OK, it is probably OK.