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 Posted: 10-28-2014 05:01 am
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I finally have broken down and finished the last of the mechanical work I have been planning.

I replaced my beloved old Spax shocks with Bilsteins from the club store. What I liked about the Spax's were the adjust-ability: when I originally put them on (many years ago), I played around until I could pretty much just float across the drainage ditches the go across so many of the intersections here in San Diego. But I had to admit that they simply were not doing the job anymore. Once I got the Bilsteins in, the steering lightened up considerably and going over the ditches felt pretty close to what I remember with the Spaxes. Comparing the two, I also have to admit that the quality of the Bilsteins looks far superior to my old ones.

Note on installation: the top tube on the front Bilsteins was about 0.02 inches longer than on the Spax shocks. My guess is that the Bilsteins are actually to spec, but frame had apparently been bent in slightly from having the shorter tube, so there was no way to get the new ones in without grinding them down to the same length. So if you have trouble getting these in, be sure to check these dimensions.

I also bought the 15 inch rims from Delta and got new tires. So I have finally gotten the mechanical parts back to where I am as confident with the car as I was after I first bout it and worked it over.

So I am (at last!) going to get going on the cosmetics, starting with removing the trim pieces and getting ready to try my hand at painting.

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