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 Posted: 10-27-2014 04:20 pm
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Hey Guys.... Was exchanging e-mail with Ric Calver recently. As many of you know...he's such a great guy and a wealth of knowledge. I was trying to do some research on a few old JH's that my brother and I owned in the 80's and 90's, and Ric was able to help me figure out the VIN's on these cars. Thought I would mention them here and see if anyone might have any other clues to share.

The first is a Mark II 4-speed (steel bumpers), VIN 1110/16799. This was my first JH that I owned in KS during my high school and college years. When I parted with the car in 1988, I actually traded it in (!) at a Honda dealership in Kansas City. Car was yellow with black interior (original exterior color was white).

The second is my older brother's former '73 Mark I, VIN 1110/10728. It was originally yellow with black interior, but had been painted red during his ownership prior to selling the car in Lawrence, KS in '89. According to Ric, the car was apparently owned by a gentleman named Don Mitchell through '98 (who also owned VIN no.'s 11467 and 10523). I didn't see Don's name on the current JHPS directory, so wondering if anyone here might have an idea...???

The last one is my former '75 Mark II 5-speed, VIN 1110/20000 (not a misprint). It was blue with black interior and had the rubber bumpers, of course. I owned the car from '92-'94 in Orange County in Southern California. After a private party sale, I haven't seen anything from the car since.

If anyone here has any info on these, I'd be curious. Thanks a bunch!


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