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 Posted: 10-17-2014 10:44 am
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Quick update- Lotus fibreglass airbox now obtained from Lotusbits, (last one he had, off one of the old rally cars), filled a few holes, sprayed up and fitted. Looks OK.

Noticed when I was refitting my 40mm stacks the bases were warped, I flattened these out before fitting the new box. I guess if the air was being pulled sideways through the gaps at the flange it would almost be like running with no stacks, useless torque.

Short run of silicone hose from the box to a K&N Apollo, then a cold air feed hose out to the corner of engine bay. Tight fit, but happy with the result.

Has made a difference, much quieter, but also smoother and feels like it has better pick up. I'll give it a proper test this weekend after I've rebalanced the carbs and mixtures for the new set up.


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